BusinessBests_openerLandscapers are jumping on the social media/marketing bandwagon. One of my favorite marketing ideas I heard while writing this story was from the landscaping company that hosted the “Ugliest Front Yard,” contest in order to drive audience and create a buzz. The “winner” received a free lawn make-over! I would totally submit my yard for this contest.


About carolynmason2013

I provide marketing content for Randall Reilly clients in the transportation, construction and landscape industry. In my former life I was a freelance writer who wrote about the people, equipment and issues facing those in the trucking, construction and landscape industry. With one foot in the editorial department and the other in marketing, I've discovered the perfect blend of expertise is a moving target that's keeping me on my toes. Oh, and I'm considering buying a stand-up desk. More on that. When I'm not writing white papers, testimonials, or searching for the most beautiful woman in trucking, I'm running, reading and writing my novel.
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